Who Are You?

July 4, 2023 Aphsie No comments exist

I for one believe that this is a question we should ask ourselves over and over again. Looking for and finding ourselves is the core of life’s journey and the more we grow, the more we realise just how more much growth has to done 🤯 

For instance we grow up chasing ‘the next age’ like… 13-year-olds just can’t wait to be 16 – who can’t wait to be 21 – who can’t wait to be employed and married 👰🏾 

For me this is the real rat race, one that I believe we should stop by slowing down and realising that the same ‘future me’ that we all seek is also the me right now. We should allow and guide ourselves to grow into that Future Us. The time is there, let us use it. Not to rob ourself off today in the rush for tomorrow but to enjoy our today as it transforms into our tomorrow… 

Who Are You
by Aphelele ZL Chonco

Who are you, consistently?
Who are you on the daily?

No book claims you should be the same being everyday
Yet there is that certain character we all try to be
That certain box we fit ourselves into…

Who are you?

Are you worth the pain you suffer from,
That pain you cause when you try re-mould yourself?
When you make carvings on your bare being so you can be reshaped…
You work so hard to find yourself –

Should it be such a puzzle?
Why is it such a mission, to find your own essence

Truth is you spend all your hours with the person you seek!

So I’ll ask again, Who Are You?

Yours – but mine first,

P.S.  Thanks for having a read & I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic below…

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