August 16, 2022 Aphsie 4 comments

My relationship with rejection has been bitter-sweet and of a love-hate nature, to say the least…

As an entrepreneurial creative I’ve endured my fair share of dismissals, cold shouldering and excommunication. I wrote this short piece of poetry just after experiencing yet another: NO. 

Since it’s up to us whether we win or lose, I turned my experience into a lesson learned – this is REJECTION:

I easily accept the results of another’s actions as my own burden to carry,
I see your hurt and automatically help you through.
Yet you cause mine, ever so purposefully…

I reach out to you – extend myself towards you,
I then suffer for it.
Perhaps I should re-invest all this effort back into me…

Let me have my own back, for once
Let me hold my own-damn-self down.
Let me show up for me,
Let me accept & welcome myself.
I am my own home…

Now I have bold courage,
In me lies undeniable strength.
I no longer need your approval,
Your rejection has made me re-direct my focus.

For this – I thank you.

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Yours – but mine first,

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