My Year of Restoration 

February 27, 2024 Aphsie 6 comments
RESTORATION (n) the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition

Over the past decade, I’ve battled fiercely for survival, and now, at last, I sense the strength within to not just survive but to truly thrive. 

This year signifies a decade since the fateful and life-altering car accident detailed in My Testimony. I’ve frequently pondered how this particular year would unfold, asking myself: 

“Will I be able to do all the things I was able to before the accident?”

“Will I miss my mother less?”

“Will life ever be enjoyable again?”

I often ponder if all these elements will align simultaneously, yet I’ve discovered that life is a canvas I paint. Not every situation can be evaded, but each one is undeniably surmountable. 

Survival, I’ve realised, is a captivating paradox. My healing journey has illuminated that life’s beauty isn’t solely found in our destinations but in the intricate journey and pursuit. 

In proclaiming 2024 as my year of restoration, it extends beyond the triumphant declaration of being Myself Again. It signifies the confidence to seize complete control of my life, making it a truly empowering chapter. 


Through the journey of survival, I’ve learned that a slow and gradual transformation suits me best. Each year, I set intentions and goals, as seen in Embracing 2024 and dedicate time throughout the year to reflect, adjust, and commence… 

This year marks my return to self, armed with a heart brimming with adoration, empathy, patience, and kindness. Having weathered what felt like a lifetime’s worth of heartbreak, sudden changes, pain, and grief, in 2024, I’ve come full circle, ready to embrace the remainder of my life with renewed hope, faith, and commitment! 

Yours – but mine first,
Aphsie ♡

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6 Comments on “My Year of Restoration 

  1. Hi Apsie
    This is beautiful, you are a rock girl, your story of thriving and overcoming is going to uplift so many people, thank God for your life and know God has prepared so much beauty for you, keep casting your eyes on Him, he is your safest space! Your Nsa brother

  2. Hi Aphsie. Indeed, your journey could not have been an easy one, but through God’s grace, here you are, working wonders and pushig through barriers & boundaries. God built-in within you, a fighting spirit, even before you were born, cos He knew that your Mum wouldn’t be around for most of your growing years. Hold onto that, and pray hard that He helps you not to harbour feeings of guilt at all. That you are consciously waking up from some deep sleep in 2024 is a good start to cleanse yourself from all worries, and to move on in life knowing that you are here now, and that is what God wanted. He will never leave you nor forsake you. We are behind you, pushing you forward, every step of the way. Your Mum was such a beautiful soul, both inside and outside, a very loving, cheerful and optimistic person. She only saw the best in people, and will always br remembered for that. She had experienced so much pain in life, but as a servant of God, He cleansed her fully and she was able to enjoy her life. I miss her dearly too. Life is for the living, and let us live it, with an effort to please our God so He can in the end praise us and say: ‘this is my (son in the Bible) daughter, in whom I am well-pleased’. BRAVO, my angel, the battle is won already, in your mind. Love u lots😘

      1. Beautiful read. Beautiful well-rounded life. Every heart has it’s troubles, but every life is worth living while we’re alive. Live it to the fullest and enjoy the beauty of life.

        Ps. I love that you continue blogging. You inspire me to not give up, but keep moving no matter what. I thank you!

        1. Agreed – life’s beauty shines through even amidst its challenges. Thank you for your kind support and encouragement. Let’s keep inspiring each other to embrace life fully 🙌🏾

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