Mama Was Right!

September 26, 2023 Aphsie 2 comments

I will forever be grateful for my mother’s life and teachings as they continue to serve me even after her time on this earth 🙏🏾 

My mother passed when I was only 20 years old, but at this point we shared countless conversations and experiences that I continue to draw from now, which also guide my journey through life✨ 

These moments and lessons vary from innocent fun like in That Awkward Moment…, to more serious life lessons just like the ones mentioned below…  

You Suffer For Beauty, My Dear

My mother preached this sentiment together with her beloved late best friend Mom Nokuthula Ngubo – may her soul continue to rest in peace 🕊 

They would say this every time they took us (their daughters) to the salon and we were complaining about the pain of relaxing or braiding our hair 💆🏾‍♀️

Constantly hearing this made me understand that I should be willing and at peace with the bad that comes with the good – to keep my focus on the end goal 🙌🏾

Once You Give Birth, Your Life As You Know It Ends

If there’s one thing my mother ensured it was to break the cycle of teenage pregnancy for her children’s generation 💯 

She did this by engaging us in candid conversations about sex, where she made us understand exactly what the act is and the importance of us waiting to reach a mature age before participating in it 🤌🏾

Additionally, she issued this disclaimer which cemented the idea of taking your time to pursue your dreams and reach your desired level of success before committing to procreation 🌱 

You Need To Give Life Your All

This is the last lesson my mother blessed me with, literally on the last moment we shared together 🥺

To summarise, I was having trouble with using something and I called on my mom for help. She took over ever so boldly, as if she knew exactly what to do to make it work – but even so, her method failed us 💔

It’s the conviction in her voice and stance that continues to assure me today, that life isn’t about having the right answer but about boldly rising in search for the solution at every chance you get 🙌🏾

Looking back to the times I shared with my mom has me convinced that each moment carried a lesson. Her life was a true blessing and continues to be the gift that keeps on giving 🎁 

♥ Written in fond memory of Ruby Phuti Chonco, may you continue to rest in eternal peace di-Mamzo

Yours – but mine first,

P.S.  Thanks for having a read & I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic below…

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