How I Keep On Going (tips for adulting)

June 4, 2024 Aphsie 4 comments

Growing up has been far more challenging than I ever anticipated. I once believed adulthood would bring freedom and endless opportunities to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Boy, was I wrong… 

Life has a way of delivering rude awakenings, often for our growth. Suddenly, waking up every morning isn’t just about avoiding your mom’s scolding – it’s about your survival. If you don’t wake up, you don’t produce, you don’t earn, and the consequences can be dire. 

So, how do highly productive adults stay motivated year-round? While I don’t have all the answers, I can share some invaluable advice I’ve received from those who seem to have it figured out. Here are the tips that keep me going: 

Get Sufficient Sleep

In high school, I thrived on late nights and last-minute cramming. Now, staying up past 11 PM leaves me nonfunctional the next day. Prioritising a good night’s sleep significantly boosts my productivity. So, it’s a big YES to getting enough rest! 

Plan Out Your Days

My close friends, especially my sister, often tease me about how structured my days are. But having a plan ensures I accomplish the important tasks. There’s no worse feeling than watching the sunset and realising you’ve achieved nothing all day. 

Take Time to Relax

To meet the demands of daily tasks, you need to take care of your mind, body, and soul. Set aside time to breathe, rehydrate, and stretch. My father always reminds me that my well-being matters more than any to-do list. 

Note Your Accomplishments

You don’t need to celebrate every small task, but acknowledging your achievements helps build momentum for the next one. It also sets you up for the next crucial step…

Reflect on Your Day

At the end of each day, take time to reflect on your activities, accomplishments, misses, and decisions. This practice allows you to review your methods and provides a day-to-day perspective on your life.

Life is undeniably hard, but we are the architects of our reality. Aim to create a positive and productive reality for yourself. Surround yourself with influences that align with the life you want to achieve.

By following these steps, I’ve managed to keep myself on track and maintain a balanced life. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me.

Yours – but mine first,

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4 Comments on “How I Keep On Going (tips for adulting)

  1. Hi, just a quick comment to say this was a great read, keep lighting the world up with your goodness. Loved the intro which hooked me in to read the rest. It’s weird how schools don’t educate us with the simple statement that adult life is going to be tough, and to tell us to have as much fun whilst we’re young and when we get to be an adult to try and have even more fun when things get tougher, so we don’t get stressed and depressed. Never give in. Never quit. Life’s for living and your post demonstrates it. Okay I’m running out of time, and the more I comment it’s beginning to rhyme 💛👍

    1. Lol, you’re right – it is rhyming 🤚🏾🎤 Thanks for your wonderful comment and kind words. Life is indeed for living, and I’m glad my post resonated with you. Thank you for your encouragement 🤍

  2. Greatt points! I felt led to comment on this post in particular, because I have taken a break from adulting for the past few days. Believe it or not, once you reach almost 64, sometimes adulting feels like a real chore! In fact, it can feel like such a chore that you just want to imagine yourself on some distant far away shore and explore life for a few days living like Pipi Longstocking – doing zany silly stuff – like pouring some Avon Skin so Soft on the floor and making an indoor skating rink on your floor.

    Remember – the Joy of the LORD is our strength, so make time for some innocent fun each day. Fun is not just for the young – but for everyone.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s so important to take breaks and find joy, no matter our age. Your playful spirit is truly inspiring. I’ll definitely keep in mind that fun is for everyone and to make time for some innocent fun each day 🤍

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