Embracing Winter: A Fresh Perspective

July 2, 2024 Aphsie 5 comments

Besides the fact that I’m super sensitive to the cold, I recently realised that I’ve attached some of my dark life experiences to this poor season. This year, I’m making a conscious decision and effort to change my perspective on Winter in the aim to create a better experience!

My first reason for not being Winter’s fan is my high likelihood of getting sick. I swear it’s as if any amount of cold weather will cause me to have the flu – and I mean even standing at the fridge section of the grocery store will do it. It’s actually seriously ridiculous! I live with most of the over-sensitive sicknesses: sinusitis, asthma, and eczema. Like a well-known pharmaceutical company says, for people like me, seasons don’t just change—they attack!

This year, I intend on taking extra precautions to make sure I’m sufficiently warm all throughout Winter. This means bundling up in cozy layers, using a humidifier to keep the air from becoming too dry, and avoiding known triggers as much as possible. Additionally, I’m focusing on maintaining a balanced diet rich in immune-boosting foods and exercising regularly to keep my body strong and resilient.

My second reason for disliking Winter is deeply personal. A truly sad time in my life occurred during the Winter season, and every Winter since has lived in its shadow. This is the same instance I discuss in My Testimony, and it left an indelible mark on my perception of the season. However, I’m determined to reshape this narrative.

This year, I look forward to the transformation of my mindset with the help of a promising treatment plan, which includes prescribed medication and psycho-therapy. For the first time in what feels like a lifetime, I’m in control of my thoughts and can challenge negativity as it strikes. I’m making an intentional move to enjoy my life in and out of seasons!

To help with this shift, I’m incorporating new traditions and activities into my Winter routine. I’ve started planning cozy movie nights, exploring new winter recipes, and taking up indoor hobbies that bring me joy. I’ve also begun practicing mindfulness and gratitude, focusing on the unique beauty and opportunities that Winter brings.

Winter can be a time of reflection and renewal, offering a chance to slow down and appreciate the warmth and comfort of home. By embracing this mindset, I’m hopeful that I can create positive associations with the season and build new, happier memories.

Do you enjoy the Winter? If not, do you ever plan to? How do you cope with the challenges it brings, and what strategies do you use to make the most of it?

Yours – but mine first,

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5 Comments on “Embracing Winter: A Fresh Perspective

    1. I’m glad you enjoy winter and find it cozy. I’ll try to embrace the positives of the season too – thanks for the encouragement 🤍

  1. I’m not very a winter person. Growing up we often couldn’t afford to heat the house so winters would be bitterly cold at home. I even had to wash in freezing cold water. So I’m really not a fan. I much prefer early autumn and early spring. I hate late spring and summer because it gets way to hot, and I hate being hot

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