Am I Over-extending Myself?

November 22, 2022 Aphsie 2 comments

This is one question I don’t believe I ask myself too much of. I often give, give and give some more – right until I myself am running on zero… 

The funny thing about ‘running on zero’ is that, often times, it is difficult to really tell if you’re headed to zero before you actually get there. I guess this is why it’s a good idea to constantly maintain a full tank ⛽️

I am a Libra, who regularly reads her horoscopes and compares the Libra traits (written in my horoscopes) with those I possess (and to my surprise it’s quite on point). I do this to get to know more about myself. I also ask my close friends and family about the type of person that I am and that too provides a good amount of perspective ✔️ 

One of the things I have found out about myself, during my search, is that I would do (almost, if not) anything to keep the peace, including being a people-pleaser (erm, especially being a people-pleaser) 😅 

This then does provides me with a little insight as to why I often find myself giving too much of myself (my time, energy, affection, etc) to so many people, just to be a good person to them. Forgetting (and down-playing) the importance of being a good person to myself first ☝🏾️

Also growing up a committed Christian I, for the longest of times, have received and believed these words: 

“We are alive to be of service to other people."

So, I believed that I should spend less time thinking about me or catering for my own needs as opposed to the amount of time I should be extending a helping-hand to others. 

But, are you really being of service if you neglect to help yourself?

If God helps those who help themselves, what makes me think I shouldn’t be of service to me first?…

Yours – but mine first,

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