As I Grow Older

October 11, 2022 Aphsie 2 comments

I am fully aware that for some people age is just a number, and I am definitely not one of those people 🙅🏾‍♀️  

As a matter of fact I thrive on attaching sentimental value to life’s experiences, so much that words like: “you’re so extra” or “you’re too deep” have been used as an attempt at boxing me all my life… 

Having said that – October is my birth month, I’m turning 29 this year and  I’m just as excited as my 12th, 16th & 21st birthdays (& every year in-between) 🥳

I’m going into the final year of my 20s and I actually feel like a real adult who is steadily making her way into full autonomy. Another reason I am so grateful for turning 29 is that I have an ever growing appreciation for life, my livelihood, Love, growth and the many opportunities life presents. 

Quite a few things have became so obvious to me, as I round-up my 20s, these are real simple but important sentiments – like:

I Am My Own Human Being

Aphelele Zanenhlanhla Lesedi Chonco is a grown woman now and she needs to live like it! I can never tell you how many words of wisdom I have received from my elders, which (in all respect) I sometimes didn’t ask for 🤭 

MY GOSH – I always thought that as a way to show respect I needed to blindly follow this advice, but I have now learned that it’s better for me to accept this advice and further evaluate if it’s suitable for uAphelele 💯

Of course this means I need to be well acquainted with Aphelele (my beliefs, standards, hopes & boundaries) in order to navigate through life successfully ❤️‍🔥 

I Thrive On Positive Vibes

This is actually such an important point one for me… I am naturally a kind, emphatic, sensitive and a lover of life and people 🖤

It is because of this that I have had the pleasure of meeting different types of people and making their acquaintance. Unfortunately people’s nature of wanting to test others’ limits often has me been taken for advantage and misused 🙃

But this stops here and I need to keep a friendly distance from pessimistic people – they drain so much of my energy. Once again I love all people, but I love myself first and I need to guard my light 🕯

Only I Can Make Things Happen For Me

Yes, gone are those days when I used to believe that I need to leave things to luck, or that if it should happen then it will 🌚

Truth is – it will only happen once I make it happen! The good book (Bible) tells us that we have power and dominion over this world, so I have decided to make full use of my power 💪🏾

If I want to win, I need to plan and play like a winner 🏆

Family Is My Lifeline

I love and cherish my family so much, and I cannot (for the life of me) imagine life without them 💔 

My family is my group of friends I was born into, they have provided a strong fellowship, undying love, shoulders to cry on, partners to dance and celebrate with and so much MORE 🙏🏾 

I am truly appreciative for my family and I plan to express my appreciation for the rest of my life 😍😘❣️

Friends Are Made

A person once told me that: “If you aren’t still friends with your childhood friends, then you’ve totally missed your friend-making period in life.”I beg to differ… 🙋🏾‍♀️ 

I most definitely do not believe this – life continually gives us opportunities and to meet new people, build friendships and fall in love over and over again 🥰

It is my duty to recognise these and embrace them as they come 🤗

I Enjoy Being Single

Please don’t read this and draw conclusions about how I feel about being in a relationship – I love it as well 🙌🏾 

But, I also enjoy being single, I enjoy my own company and learning more about myself (keeping up with my emotions, dreaming, believing & achieving) ✔️ 

I love myself and I feel most comfortable with being unapologetically me when I am a singleton ☝🏾

Of course there is so much more I still am going to learn about myself and I will take my sweet time doing so – here’s to TWENTY NINE 🥂

I’m SO looking forward to my 30s – so much so, that my next blogpost, Thirty, Flirty & Thriving, discusses this more. Make sure you’re subscribed so you receive it straight to you inbox 📩  SUBSCRIBE HERE

Yours – but mine first,
Aphsie ♥︎

P.S.  Thanks for having a read & you’re MORE than welcome to share your thoughts on our comment section below – looking forward to hearing from you…

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2 Comments on “As I Grow Older

  1. Wishing you nothing but an amazing birthday. I enjoyed reading the blog, so much wisdom shared there sis…… Thank you

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