The Roaring Twenties

October 10, 2023 Aphsie No comments exist

My twenties were nothing like I thought they would have been and I’m still mind-blown by this… 

I remember being a teenager and planning to realise all of my dreams by the tender age of 25 – all I can say is (in the famous words of RHOJ’s Madam Evodia): what a joke my darli 🤣  

So, in preparation for this blogpost I asked my fellow peers what their experience of their 20s has been like. Almost everyone’s response confirmed that the 20s felt like a turbulent ride, between meeting deadlines, raising funds to simply survive and actually enjoying life 🥵 

I did ask some of my people in their early 30s about this, and I can confirm that all this madness is worth it at the end 👌🏾 

My personal goals for my 20s have moved from: Being Rich & Famous – to: Achieving Full Independence and Peace Of Mind 😌 

My twenties started with a very literal BANG – this was the fatal car accident I survived that I discuss in My Testimony. This faithful event marked the start of my journey to self discovery and mastery 💯 

I’ve had my fingers burned a few times and I’m grateful I’ve learned that I’m my biggest solution because I can conduct some Self-therapy. Even after heartbreak as a result from experiencing some Rejection and everything that led me to become The Retired Church Girl 😇

Looking back I can totally see how life is a constant process of building, because after every life change I had to learn how to cope, survive and thrive. Life has continued to unfold and has delivered me to my New Beginnings, time and time again 🙌🏾

As I Grow Older I’d love to use all the lessons life has taught me to better navigate through life and make a valuable contribution to the lives of my family and community members 🙏🏾

This is my official farewell to my Roaring Twenties, which have served as the ideal platform to showcase my love for life and fearlessly chase my dreams. Here’s to my Dirty Thirties and the adventures they’ll serve 🥂

Yours – but mine first,

P.S.  Thanks for having a read & I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic below…

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