The Retired Church Girl

September 13, 2022 Aphsie 9 comments

This title makes things sound so official, which they are, but I would actually like to discuss what being a Retired Church Girl means to and for me 🙌🏾

It’s only fair to start with a bit of a background before continuing – for a little context, you know…

Both my parents bent over backwards to make sure that all their children grew up knowing and fearing the Lord – and so we did 🙏🏾

They never took the dictator approach when it came to Christianity, which I’m absolutely grateful for. Instead they both played two very different, but equally important roles that influenced our spirituality 🕊

My mother’s role was to introduce us to the church structure  and participating in church related activities. As mom’s children we understood and accepted attending a church service every Sunday as an unspoken house rule 🔥

My father, on the other hand, modelled how a God fearing individual lives their life outside of the church. I later learned that it was due to his personal church experience that he eventually decided no to no longer attend church, which I found mind-blowing because I had NEVER seen him churching, EVER 🤯

Thanks to my mother’s successful efforts of getting us to church, I grew up a committed Church Girl. I attended every Sunday service, home-cell meeting, was active in the teenagers ministry and later became a ministry leader. I also happen to LOVE music and singing – so I also served as a member of the Worship Team 🎤

It’s a completely different story now – a breath of fresh air, ngeke ngingasho. The game completely changed on the year of the fatal car crash I survived (which I discuss HERE) things seemed to be so much clearer for me. I found myself having to put life as I knew it to complete stop and make time to rest, recuperate and reset 💆🏾‍♀️

This is definitely one of my stories that need more that one blogpost to be appropriately told – so made this series and will be sharing this post’s sequel next week 👌🏾

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Yours – but mine first,
Aphsie ♡

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9 Comments on “The Retired Church Girl

  1. Ow Aphsie ❤️😭🙏🏾, this got me… Firstly, I’m so sorry to learn of your mother’s passing. I think it got me cause growing up, church although pushed by both my parents but it was largely my beloved and beautiful late tata. And although he succeeded in helping me shape my own faith with time, I realised just how dependant I was on him even with my faith after his passing. I realised how I’d associated so many things and ways of living out my faith with him. Maybe it was just a grieving struggle. But it was so difficult to ‘get back on the bus’ again, I could hardly read my Bible nje cause I think of him and this sort of disappointment with God. Anyway I’m saying too much now without even having heard half your story. But even just this snippet was so special and very relatable for me. I cannot wait to read more of your story. Also I couldn’t click on the link for the accident story but maybe it’s just me so I’ll try again with another device.


    1. NILA 🤗🥰 Thanks for having a read sis, and for your condolences 🙏🏾 Please receive mine for your father’s passing, I’m so glad you found blog-post relatable, I’ve fixed the link error – thanks for making me aware.

      I hope you’ll find the sequel just as relatable, thank you again – stay safe❣️

  2. Manila and Aphelele. I just want to say I love you both. I can not find the words to adequately express what reading this has made me feel. I just want you to know you are in my heart and prayers. Looking forward to the next post because it’s tough for me to on the church going front, while I am still in love with the Lord. Thank you for this blog Chonco. Blessings on Blessings on Blessings ♥️

    1. 🥰 PULANE 😍 Thank you so much for having a read chom, the fact that you can relate really encourages me – THANK YOU & God bless you too ❣️

  3. Church has built an overall character for me, what I mean by that is I wouldn’t not want to do anything that God would not want me to do. Even though growing up and even now and then you fall into certain temptations but you fall back on the track. So I can say it has form base of how I live and raise my own kids. It’s not bad at all to grow up in church. But like you said it’s goes deeper😂

    1. Oh yes – I appreciate growing in church & still love and serve the Lord 🙌🏾 You’re doing such a lovely thing by affording your children with such an enriching life experience – I’ll share more details about the depth next week 😅🙏🏾💋

  4. Listen your story is exactly like mine. I grew up and served the church. It was all I knew until a life had it its way to prove me otherwise he he he. . . . . .🤣😤 But I guess we all have to find our own spirituality in the end. The road is ours and no one else’s.

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