The Retired Church Girl (Pt 2)

September 20, 2022 Aphsie 2 comments

This is a sequel to The Retired Church Girl, make sure you’ve read it first before we get into this one…

So, the reason I needed to recover, rest and recuperate is because I had just gone through a major life-change – I mean it was mind-boggling that I even survived 🙌🏾 

Imagine waking up from what you believe was a peaceful night’s rest – to an unfamiliar environment, with all your loved-ones’ full attention on you. 

We all appreciate some good attention every now and again, but once I realised the looks I was receiving were laced with a good dose of pity and anxiety – I knew something terrible had just happened. 

I was not wrong and so I had to take some time to:

Heal physically...

As a result of the car accident I was involved in, I sustained a major head injury and a few broken bones (and a 💔)… 

This resulted in me being put into an induced coma for about a month and then was in recovery at the ICU for yet another month. I wasn’t able to walk, clearly speak, eat, write, and and and…

So, I had to take time to re-learn all these major life skills and get myself fit enough to be a part of society again 💪🏾 

Heal emotionally...

The pain of waking up from what you thought was an innocent slumber to discover that you are no longer able to do the things you were able to do, and then later learn that the one person you’ve never lived a single day without is now the person you’ll never see again is just 😔 💔

So, I took time to work on those negative emotions, and develop my emotional intelligence 👓 

Heal spiritually...

The nature of my relationship with God makes it not even a possibility for me to blame Him (for my hurt and loss) and to lose faith in Him. Though, I definitely did have days when I would battle those questions/feelings and receiving judgement for this was just so counter-productive 😔

So, I took some time to allow God to reaffirm my foundation in His word and the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father 💕

And lastly, I had to make time just for me...

After a huge change occurs one must allow for time to deal with their new reality, regroup, make a plan for continuance and keep going 🚗

So, I took some time to accept that what happened really happened, and then learned to cope and continue on with life 🙃

Okay, back to being a Church Girl – because I made my healing my biggest priority I had to fall-back on all my church activities and simply be a congregant. Now, the unfortunate side to being a church servant is you get VIP access to all the backstage drama and its mess 😩

As a result of this, I was no longer able to sit and genuinely enjoy the sermon, until a family friend invited me to mass at their Catholic Church. I have since fallen in love with the culture and practises of the Catholics and have now converted 🕯

I should mention, that I now observe my Sundays as sabbath days – I attend mass at least once a month and don’t serve in any of the ministries by choice – I have certainly unsubscribed from Church Culture (which I will unpack more on my next blogpost – make sure not to miss it and SUBSCRIBE HERE).

Yours – but mine first,
Aphsie ♥︎

P.S.  Thanks for having a read & you’re MORE than welcome to share your thoughts on our comment section below – looking forward to hearing from you…

2 Comments on “The Retired Church Girl (Pt 2)

  1. If I ever wake up and question the existence of God, thinking about what you went through and how you overcame is a clear indication that God exists.

    You fought my friend, well done.

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