Remain Constant in the Face of Change

March 7, 2023 Aphsie 2 comments

Do circumstances change a person, or do they just bring out their true identity?.. 

This is a question I constantly ask myself whenever I experience a side to a person I never knew existed 🤯 

Now my sister and I debated this once, and we reached the conclusion that it simply depends on what kind of person you are. If you are pliable and allow situations to dictate your life then you are changed by circumstances ♻️ 

Yet, if you are headstrong and know exactly what you stand for then you don’t allow situations to change you. Instead you are able to consult with yourself to find out which part of your personality your current situation is calling upon – then you allow it to sharpen that characteristic of yours ⚔️ 

Now, I do run the risk of sounding insensitive but I truly believe that we should use life’s challenges to empower us, instead of us allowing them to shape our characters 💪🏾 

I always aim at keeping a flexible approach to life, yet on this point I simply don’t feel like it’s a ‘different strokes for different folks’ kinda situation ❌ 

My truth is that we’re all a direct result of our decisions and that it isn’t what we go through that makes us – it’s the choices we make in response that do ✔️ 

Yours – but mine first,

P.S.  Thanks for having a read & I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic below…

2 Comments on “Remain Constant in the Face of Change

  1. Great read Aphelele. It can be a struggle particularly after life altering events /situations. Knowing which parts of you to fight for and ensure that they never change; and what to just accept as that’s a ‘used to be’. What you say here really, to me, really speaks to remaining mindful of yourself and owning your decisions regardless. It’s encouraging and a good reminder that we still decide who will be.

    I also love how you sign off! Stunning! Yours, but mine first! ❤️

    1. Yes, that is so true Nila, we still decide who we’ll be 🙌🏾 Thanks for having a read & sharing your thoughts chom – I love & appreciate youz❣️

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