Angihambi Ngedwa – I Don’t Walk Alone

November 14, 2023 Aphsie 6 comments

I have always been aware of this, but my 30 years’ worth of life experience requires me to fully acknowledge this and navigate the rest of my life in total cognisance 💯 

The blessing of having a relationship with both my heavenly and earthly fathers was bestowed upon me and has built a firm foundation for my life/existence 🙌🏾 

The presence of a father in a child’s life promotes their development and further empowers their entire support structure. It is with this in my heart and mind that I’ve written the poem below. This poem is written in my native language IsiZulu, but I’ve included the English translation of each stanza in italics – do enjoy: 

Ngiyidodakazi kaSomandla,
uNkulunkulu – umninimandla wonke.
Uthando lwakhe ngilwembethe njalo,
Uhamba nami mihla namalanga.
Nginyathela ngabantwana, kodwa uzwa izigi zeZulu uma ngidlula.

I am the daughter of the Almighty,
The omnipotent God.
His love blankets me eternally,
He walks with me day in and out.
There’s a kick in my step and you feel heaven’s rhythm when I pass.

Ngizalwa yiSibusiso samaGambushe,
OkaMatewu, ozalwa uSongo, ebe ezelwe nguMshobashobi.
Uthando lwakhe lwandisa isizathu sempilo,
Ngisho sihlala ngokuhlukana, ugqugquzela ubumbano.
Ngiyaziqhenya ngogazi lwegazi lami.

I am a descendant of the Gambushe’s Blessing.
Son of Matthews, who was fathered by Songo – son of Mshobashobi.
His love expands my reason to live,
Though we live separately, he continues to encourage unity.
I am proud of the nature of my heritage.

Uma ungibona ngihamba ngokuzethemba,
Isizathu uthando engakhuluswa ngalo.
Bathi ngiyazitshela, abanye bangibuze ukuthi ngoba nginjani mina?
Yingoba ngiphelelisa uthando mina, ngilethe inhlanhla nokuKhanya –
Yebo, nginguAphelele Zanenhlanhla Lesedi Chonco.

Kodwa ke angihambi ngedwa,
Futhi angisoze.

When you see me walk with confidence,
The Love I was brought-up with is the reason.
They say I’m full of myself and others ask: “How dare you?”
I am the completion of Love, I bring luck and light with me –
Yes, I am Aphelele Zanenhlanhla Lesedi Chonco.

Please note I don’t walk alone,
And I never will.  

This poem pays homage to the roots of my support structure, but I don’t take every other member of my network for granted 🙅🏾‍♀️

I’d like to acknowledge and honour my matriarch – Ruby Phuti Chonco  for her selfless love and devotion to building our family. Thank you to my entire family, all my relatives, friends and acquaintances ❤️‍🔥

Truth is, you’re the reason I live so boldly – may all your prayers be answered 🙏🏾

Yours – but mine first,
Aphsie ♥︎ 


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